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Guildford’s Diesel Diagnostic Centre

The diagnostic equipment at our disposal can be used to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. By plugging directly into your vehicle’s on-board computer and using advanced engine remapping software, clients in the Surrey area can free themselves from the factory-imposed restrictions that detract from a true driving experience.


SAS Guildford are diesel specialists. Diesel injector testing allows us to diagnose faults and weaknesses with these important engine components. Despite being an electrical part, diesel injectors often fail through mechanical wear much like any other component. Modern vehicle diagnostics help us to evaluate problems at the earliest stage.


If the results of diesel injector testing indicate a problem, we can perform a full part replacement. Road users in Surrey can also use SAS Guildford for diesel pump replacements.

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Car Servicing and Vehicle Repairs in Guildford


SAS Guildford are automotive repair specialists with over two decades of motor trade experience. Based in Guildford, we undertake car servicing and vehicle repair work for clients in Surrey and the South East of England. All evaluations and repairs are performed in a modern, fully equipped workshop. Our company specialises in complex repairs, regularly undertaking work from nearby main dealerships and garages.


We have the facilities and the personnel to meet repair requirements on any make and model. From brake and gearbox issues to auto electrical work and vehicle diagnostics, we know that the quality of our work isn’t so much about what we put into it. It’s all about what our clients and our customers get out of it.


SAS Guildford have a highly skilled technical team who have access to today’s most innovative trade equipment. The resources at our disposal ensure all car servicing work and vehicle diagnostics meet manufacturer and industry recommendations. Existing clients in Guildford and Surrey would never place their trust in any other garage.


Contact SAS Guildford on (01483) 579665 to find out more about our car servicing, diagnostic and engine remapping services.

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